Byzen Digital Vision & Values

Our Vision

Byzen is to build and cement its position as a trusted technology consultant and technical partner to large companies, as well as being a leading name in the technology mergers and acquisitions space within the decade.

Our Values

Byzen Digital lives by it values. They shape our company, its culture and its place within the market:

Value Building

Every transaction we undertake is directed towards creating value. Through our consultancy, we support companies in staying relevant and making the best possible use of new technology to stay ahead of their competition. For Byzen’s acquisition companies, M&As is not just the completion of the journey to market but an opportunity to realise full commercial potential.

Network Building

Byzen Digital’s true power is in connecting people and organisations. The company’s global network within the commercial and startup sphere is among its most valuable assets and we foster an environment of support and collaboration for clients, stakeholders and groups within the Byzen organisation.


Ability is nothing without the corporate skills and experience to see it through. Byzen Digital already enjoys a stellar industry reputation for organisational growth delivery and a peerless track record of smart, independent decision We recognise, encourage and reward talent, both in our own staff and the startups we choose to engage with.


One thing that never changes is the rapid pace at which the tech sector evolves. Navigating this shifting landscape takes a highly effective team with the ability to think and move fast within a lean and efficient business structure of superb infrastructural agility.

Future Vision

In our dual role as both a provider of client-centric solutions and a nurturer of startup organisations working at the vanguard of new technology provision, our team must always have one eye on the future and a willingness to share in the vision offered by new tech and its potential for transformation.



Byzen Digital Inc is registered in Nevada, US, (No. NV20061289939). The company is listed on the Nasdaq OTC as BYZN. Byzen Digital is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.