Byzen Digital Market

An Evolving Sector

From its inception as a purely blockchain focused business, Byzen Digital's ambition has changed to incorporate companies from the wider technology sector. This evolution is more than a reflection of the group’s commitment to infrastructural and strategic agility: It is a strategic positioning within a well established sector where strong investor interest and high levels of Mergers and Acquisitions activity play a valuable role in the developmental narratives of its key players.

Defining Tech

Incorporating everything from electronic consumer goods to niche commercial software, the so called tech is sector is broad and evolving.

As technological capacity increases, so too does its application in industry specific solutions, leading to a complex and growing subset of sectors: Prop Tech, Med Tech and Fin Tech are revolutionising their respective industries, as well as their supporting investment finance structures. Meanwhile, advances in Crypto Currency and shared digital ledger technology now carry out vital roles far beyond their original scope.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Activity Drivers

The rapid rate of digital change is driving tech sector Mergers and Acquisitions as equity companies look to capitalise on disruptive growth opportunities. Meanwhile, companies within the sector see consolidation with fellow disruptors as an efficient pace keeping model. They utilise Mergers and Acquisitions to acquire highly skilled teams and access new technology or intellectual property that will help them meet the ever evolving demands of an innovation hungry customer base or assist in the entrance to new markets.

Market Opportunities

The message is clear: Traditional markets are best left to institutional buyers working to 20th-century trading strategies. For modern investors seeking to create high performance portfolios, the tech sector is a highly prospective profitable arena where intense speculation creates high market capitalisation and heavily weighted price/earnings ratios. For Byzen Digital target companies, consolidation with a listed structure opens a rich seam of potential investment capital from a market with enormous appetite to profit from new and innovative players.



Byzen Digital Inc is registered in Nevada, US, (No. NV20061289939). The company is listed on the Nasdaq OTC as BYZN. Byzen Digital is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.